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Bespoke & Royalty Free Music to Meditate, Guide, Heal, Relax, Inspire, Elevate & Awaken

At Star Healing Music, we specialise in royalty free music designed to add the magical element to your work. Whether you’re creating a meditation album, healing music, a sound track for guidance, elevation or awakening, or any type of musical production which requires spiritual depth, insight & understanding, Star Healing Music is guaranteed to quantum leap the power of your offering into magical realms.

At Star Healing Music, creations are delivered with an unlimited license so you can use your soundtrack confidently to create and sell your products & services. You can play your Star Healing track without ever having to pay any kind of performing rights fee or royalty.

Meet The Composer

Rick Leon James is a world-wide critically acclaimed musician & producer, heralded for his work not only in the commercial industries with multiple number one productions, but also as a deeply spiritual and powerful healer with an intricate understanding of the human body energy meridians, astrological and cosmic forces, and an intimate understanding of the power of music to heal, guide & elevate.

Famous for his creative partnership with the Priestess of Light whose guided meditations and musical healing modalities have touched the lives of thousands all over the globe.

For the first time ever, Rick is opening his spiritual & creative partnership opportunities to other fellow healers, teachers & leaders, in an effort to actively contribute to the collective consciousness through the most powerful language of all:


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